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Jesus Is Building His Church

Jesus is building church

Good morning dear family,

Praying God's healing, rest and well being over you this morning.

More and more, we are beginning to see God prepare His church in our nation for a great work of His Spirit that lies ahead. The church in Britain will once again be a key global influence for the gospel and for that reason He is strengthening us in this season. Broken foundations are being re-laid again, passion is being restored and He is empowering us afresh like never before. What an exciting time to be alive :)

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Take Hold Of What Jesus Has Taken Hold Of For Us

Take Hold

Good morning dear family,

Praying all God's favour and peace upon your week ahead.

As we go about our week, the Lord laid upon my heart Heb 13:3 that says, "Remember those in prison, as if you were there yourself. Remember also those being mistreated, as if you felt their pain in your own bodies"

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More blessed to give than receive

Blessed to give than receive

Good morning dear family.

What a wonderful weekend we've had again, praise God for all He continues to do in our midst.

As we begin our week, let me remind us of the immense blessing we have of belonging to the Body of Christ. As we heard yesterday, the moment we become a Christian, we automatically become part of a real, spiritual body - the very family of God. And as we embrace and understand our spiritual family more, we will only enjoy the benefits of belonging to this family more.

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Let His Kingdom Advance

Kingdom Advance Thumb

Good morning dear family.

Praying all God's mighty blessings upon your week, and especially for the kids as they enjoy half term.

What a tremendous weekend we've had in God - powerful and tangible Presence of His Holy Spirit, wonderful ministry of the word and such powerful times of ministry. More and more God is templating for us what He wants for this land - for people to have an unhindered and undiluted encounter with His Presence for themselves.

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He gave His all, we give our all

seeds-thumbGood morning dear family,

What a wonderful weekend again :) Powerful worship. challenging word, fantastic ministry, so many new faces, great fellowship and a fab time at the castle grounds later. Thank you Lord.

I got up this moring with just one thought in my spirit. "Jesus gave His ALL in saving me. I give my ALL in serving Him."

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The Harvest is Ready

blog-daylordhasmadeGood morning dear family, 

How quickly time is flying by. We will be in August this week... amazing.

What a wonderful service yesterday. And such an uplifting word ... Let us "Be More"... by stepping out in faith to believe that God is able to perform supernatural healings and miracles. In our everyday individual lives, in our Lifegroups, in our various corporate gatherings... let us raise our level of expectation and in faith lay our hands on the sick, believing that they will recover. Healing is for today!

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Move On To Maturity

matureGood morning dear family,

God's peace, protection, favor and provision be your portion today.

What a clear theme we had going at service right from the start yesterday. The Lord wants us to move on from feeding on milk to feeding on solid food of His Word. In other words, He wants us to grow up from being children to strong adults in the Kingdom. We must allow Him to deal with and remove the weak areas of our lives that stand as obstacles in us fulfilling the highest call He has for our lives. 

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Be Still and Know that He is God

stillGood morning family,

What wonderful sunshine to wake up to again .... It's a great day, and what a wonderful God we have.

Praise God for an excellent weekend. Awesome worship, great ministry and fellowship...Good fellowship at Linda Vista gardens.

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Power of Together

ash1 croppedGood morning my precious family,

I pray God's mighty presence and glory be upon you as you begin this new day and week, and that you would shine with His radiance everywhere you go.

What a fab weekend we've had. Seems like a pattern week after week. Bring it on Lord  

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Your Commission Today

commissionGood morning family, 

Trust and pray all is well your end. 

What a fantastic weekend this has been for us, despite the road restrictions 38 kids at Kidz Klub, our highest number till date, a great evening with Alan Hewitt on Saturday, and as my Facebook status said, an explosion of God on Sunday morning, with fabulous attendance too. 

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Build Yourself Up

build upGood morning family,

Praise God for another great weekend. 31 kids at Kidz Klub, and a wonderful service yesterday. New people continue to visit us and continue to get added to the workforce God is putting together to gather a great harvest in this beautiful town.

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You are a friend of God

homegroups side imgGood morning dear family, 

After a fully packed but fantastic last week, we have a more regular week this week. We had a great time at iW as well as the Big Gig. Our young people had  fab time at Longtown. Kidz Klub went well with 25 kids. And we had two fab services yesterday. Praise God for His strength and grace and for helping us with all that we have to keep doing.

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