Jesus Is Building His Church

Jesus Is Building His Church

Published on Monday, 14 November 2016 09:00

Jesus is building church

Good morning dear family,

Praying God's healing, rest and well being over you this morning.

More and more, we are beginning to see God prepare His church in our nation for a great work of His Spirit that lies ahead. The church in Britain will once again be a key global influence for the gospel and for that reason He is strengthening us in this season. Broken foundations are being re-laid again, passion is being restored and He is empowering us afresh like never before. What an exciting time to be alive :)

As we heard yesterday, 4 key areas that marked the early church:

◘ They Preached Jesus all the time and everywhere they went: It was the simple, pure, complete and life-changing message of Jesus that was the message of the early church - the world needed the Saviour of their souls - and the early church knew they had to share that message. "What does it profit a man if he gins the whole world but loses his soul" - their message focused on the saving of souls for eternity.
◘ They were always In One Accord: Genuine love, unity, community, family, togetherness and united passion marked the early church. Not only were they their brothers and sisters keepers, but they were one in vision, focus and purpose. They brought everything had had together - possessions, gifts, talents, ministries, etc - and used them as a combined resource to see the Kingdom advance. They stood as one, they worked as one, fought as one and pursued the goals of the Kingdom as one. They definitely recognised the power of being one.
◘ They faced Hostility and Persecution: Whilst they aimed at being at peace with everyone around, they didn't do it at the cost of compromising their 'message'. For that reason they were ostracised, persecuted and treated with hostility. They accepted persecution as being part of their Christian lives and were willing to pay any price in their pursuit of seeing the Kingdom advance. They realised that if the message was worth dying for, it was worth living for as well. Therefore they were unashamed, unafraid and uncompromising in being identified as Christians and spreading the Kingdom.
◘ They operated in the Supernatural: They were all baptised in the Holy Spirit, recognised the power that was available when they were baptised in the Spirit, and stepped out boldly in faith in operating in the supernatural. They laid hands on the sick, they commanded evil spirits to flee, they prayed for miracles and raised their expectation to see signs, wonders and miracles as a natural part of their new lives in Christ. They knew that the demonstration of the power of God went hand in hand with the message of God they were proclaiming, and God honoured them with that.

Family, as a local fellowship, let us remind ourselves that these 4 key areas still mark the church of today. Let us as a local fellowship bring back any areas we may have missed along the way - both corporately as well as individually.

◘ Let us Preach Jesus at every opportunity we get
◘ Let us endeavour to keep the unity and stay strong In One Accord
◘ Let us be prepared to face Persecution, and not compromise our message, nor principles of the Bible at any cost
◘ Let us step out in faith and expectation more and more, to see the Supernatural operate - in our corporate gatherings, in our Lifegroups, in our personal lives and in all we do.

Jesus said in Matt 16:18, "I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it". We are His church !!!

Have a great week ahead family. Wonderful days lie ahead. Love you all so much, and remember, we are only stronger - Together !!!

Blessings in abundance,